Sales Ninja, n. One who is completely focused on success in sales activities.  A Sales Ninja understands their market, products/services, customers and focuses full-throttle on serving the interests of those constituencies fully. 

A Sales Ninja offers a positive, optimistic experience for all those they encounter, particularly those who are in a buying position for their goods and services.  

How successful are you at getting IT Decision Maker meetings?


IT-DM's get hit on by the whole Channel community. Be heard.

We have the time and the passion needed to break the ice get to open doors that get you meetings your sales team will value. 

  • No scripts.  Agents trained to engage in conversations you can leverage as part of your own sales engagement
  • Emphasis on quality information gathering that back up the meetings booked
  • Agents monitored, motivated and rewarded to achieve the results you need
  • Tailored programme, that delivers your goals


Get the solution that will give your sales team their best shot

Proof of Concept

Unsure your message will fly?  Or what service option is going to suit you best? 

  • 20-meeting proof of concept to see what will work best for you. 

Pay per Appointment (PPA)

What is says on the tin.  This is our “per project” option where we deliver

  • Set number of meetings against pre-agreed performance criteria
  • Full intelligence gathered from the call relating to your meetings

Pay per Day (PPD):

We commit to a number of calling days on a set “day rate” in a given period,  tailored to your exact

  • Event support
  • Lead follow up
  • Database activity
  • Customer surveys
  • Other telephone based activity


The IT Channel Sales and Marketing Guide to GDPR

The IT Channel Sales and Marketing Guide to GDPR
"Since first engaging with MeetingPoint to provide an appointment setting campaign they have proved to be the most conscientious and focussed partner that I have dealt with. Having dealt with various other companies in MeetingPoint’s space for several years, I can honestly saying that working with MeetingPoint has been a delight. With their approach of working as a partner vs. that of a supplier it ensures that when problems do arise; which inevitably they do, they are dealt with in a positive and efficient manner each and every time."

Mark Thomas, LAN3


Pay only when we deliver against mutually agreed criteria. Ask today!

Penguin Culture

We think there are a number of parallels we can draw with our feathered friends.