Why Pengwins?

They're just like us!

Our people are PengWINNERS in every sense - having access to the best training the industry has to offer and completely focused on PengWINNING business for our customers

Granted we don't just live on a diet of fish, or like the cold, but like us  

  • they're very sociable and loyal creatures that enjoy being part of a big group, but also do well hunting on their own.
  • the elders and parents are incubators, preparing and nurturing their young until they’re ready to leap onward into their journey
  • they're inquisitive, adventurous and in Black Tie whenever possible (picking up Awards)
  • ICE.  We are the best ICE-BREAKERS in the business (I know technically penguins don’t break ice, but hey, what’s a broken beak between friends)


The Ministry of PengWIN is the primary official body responsible for all aspects of PengWIN related activity and strives to enhance the lives of peers in the IT Channel through

  • The creation of PengWIN culture, at home & abroad
  • Distribution of information relating to PengWIN-inspired technology in the IT Channel
  • Education and training for all levels of PengWIN 
  • PengWIN-related research, analysis, comment & thought leadership
  • Maintenance and publication of relevant PengWIN resources
  • PengWIN-inspired cultural activities



We have been working with MeetingPoint for more than two years now and they continue to demonstrate a broad understanding of the technology market place, consistently delivering quality leads for our reseller channels. Because they are competitively priced, it means we can do so much more with them. They are without a doubt a great find.”

Hadas Hughes, Marketing Director, Exclusive Group

Penguin Culture

We think there are a number of parallels we can draw with our feathered friends.