Whether you’re striking out into a new territory, trying to win in a tough market, or looking to build your own sales team, getting the conversation started with your prospects is the first step.

When "getting meetings" isn't enough 

Absolutely we can get you meetings.  It's what we've been doing, and continue to do every day, for our customers.

Some take a longer term view to appointment setting and prefer to have dedicated resource to help them with the ongoing nurture of relationships.  We offer this in the form of Inside Sales Resource (ISR), recruited, trained and managed by us on your behalf - taking away the management and motivation burden, that frustrates the most experienced sales manager.

Behind every great salesman, should be great marketing support.  Results show us that raising the communication game puts your brand and content in the exact hands of those you're trying to win over.  We can support your existing team, or offer our  "virtual marketing manager" service to join up your sales and marketing effort.

Get in touch for a no obligation chat to see how we can help grow your sales pipeline by delivering leads to your business.

Recruiting, training and managing great people on your behalf to be consistently high achieving sales individuals

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Results driven B2B lead generation and appointment setting

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Decision maker data that drives revenue

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Marketing as a Service from experienced IT Channel marketing specialists

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Using your online presence to create engaging sales conversations

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Make someone in our network your next star hire

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Bespoke sales training your own internal ISRs

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Blended Services

What you need, right when you need it. Get your tailored sales and marketing programme here

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Penguin Culture

We think there are a number of parallels we can draw with our feathered friends.