Marketing Guru, n.  One who shares their experience, skills and knowledge to help you realise your full potential


Make getting meetings easier, warmer and faster to close.


Tell your audience you're here!

In our digital age, buyers are much more discerning, have extended influencer groups and engaging only when they feel they have enough information about a product or service.

Make your meetings easier to get, warmer when you get them and more valuable to your sales team by making your voice heard.

Remember - GDPR Legislation in May 2018, means you must use an opt-in database for marketing, so it makes sense to start building one now!

Whether or not you have a marketing team of your own, we offer advice and practical help to improve the success of your calling campaign.

  • Capable of working with on or off-shore sales and marketing teams or stand alone
  • Creative thinkers, writers and all round do-ers
  • Services, fees and KPIs are agreed up front.  No surprises.

No recruitment or overheads, just pure IT Channel marketing for a fixed fee.


All of our capabilities can be delivered individually or as part of a package.  They'lll be bespoke to you depending on your sales goals

Project Based:  What it says on the tin.  One-off or multiple, stand-alone activities, such as Marketing Workshop, Branding, Website, Brochures, Presentations, Copywriting, PR, Social Media

Campaign Based: When a number of our services are combined to deliver an agreed end result.  We will help you plan what’s needed and come up with the theme, messaging, creative, content and delivery.  We will also work with your sales team to ensure leads are followed up and reported.

Retained:  When you know you need regular, ongoing, skilled marketing resource representing your business with the advantage that you can call on any of our service elements at any time.  Perfect when you need a mixture of skills, but don’t want to recruit in house.

We can also plan, create and manage your marketing automation and lead nurture activity as we are trained users of Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, Acton and CommuniGATOR

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Security Vendor Case Study

Security Vendor Case Study
"We find Meeting Point to be knowledgeable, responsive, and adaptable to our specific project needs. They were willing to work alongside us, are flexible and on the same side when it comes to delivering for our sales team. Their approach to project management and reporting is equally efficient and they communicate with us on a regular basis to ensure we keep on track. "

Alex Raistrick, Country Manager UK & Africa, Palo Alto (Vendor)

No obligation marketing clinic

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We think there are a number of parallels we can draw with our feathered friends.