Saturday, October 15, 2016


Proud Winner of the Sales Trainer of the Year Category

British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Award from the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

October 2016…One week later the hangover is gone, the mist has cleared and Steve Burton reflects on the BESMA awards and the future of Sales training……

We had a great night at the Awards and after nursing a Winner’s sore head and having had an equally celebratory weekend, I’ve now had time to reflect on what a huge honour and quite frankly, a bloody great achievement it was.

Some cynics may say we work in an industry that focuses on how much you can take, rather than what’s possible to give back. As sales individuals we always have targets to hit, mountains to climb and often we are only judged as being as good as our last months’ number on the board.

At Meeting Point, we’re educating a new breed of young sales achievers who, perhaps as yet, don’t even know what they have it in them. More to the point we get them ready for employers – just like you - who are some of the most demanding in the industry. But we do it a little differently.

We lift the lid on the wealth of untapped talent that’s out there – people that are the hardest to train, with no experience, no sales background and often extremely hard to manage – but they are grafters who want to get on and have something to show for it other than a dead end job.

We believe that if you invest in these young people, you’re planting a seed that will do far more than bring you revenue today, but will flourish in the form of referrals, testimonials and onward goodwill – often assets greatly overlooked in business.

As we carry on delivering first-class individuals to our industry with a no B*** S*** ethos of work hard, play fair, be honest and play to win, you will get to employ some of the best in the business and Meeting Point will continue to earn our stripes. Plus we get some very nice trophies for our cabinet.

Penguin Culture

We think there are a number of parallels we can draw with our feathered friends.